Be a Goal Getter

Be a Goal Getter

2021 Productivity Workbook & Business Planner

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Do you struggle with how to structure your days and weeks to be productive?
Does it take you forever to get into “work mode” when you sit down at your desk?
Does it feel like you never finish anything because you are so busy with the day-to-day work?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Be a Goal Getter can help you!

The secret is having a plan. And a system in place to execute it.

Be a Goal Getter will help you. . .

Create a plan that fits your business.
Set big-picture goals that will keep you motivated throughout the year.
Create detailed 90-day action plans so that you keep moving forward quarter after quarter.
Develop a system of accountability so that you actually execute your plan.
Stay focused on your highest-return activities.
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Instantly download Be a Goal Getter for only $27!

What You’ll Get


Learn how to set powerful goals, what to focus on, and how to make progress. Detailed chapters will help you learn the process and make the most of the system.


This planning system starts with high-level annual goals and goes all the way down into daily planning so that you know exactly what you need to do to get the results that you want.


Planning tools, tracking sheets, weekly scorecards, monthly calendar pages, and more will help you keep up with important metrics, make the most of your time, and develop good habits.

Move your business forward with 90-day plans.

I’m a strong believer in 90-day plans, so creating and executing a new plan each quarter is a big emphasis in Be a Goal Getter. You might even call it the heart of the system.

When you work on a 90-day cycle, with consistent effort and targeted focus, you will make massive forward movement in your business.

In Be a Goal Getter, you’ll learn how to break your high-level annual plan into consecutive 90-day plans that have the flexibility and focus you need to achieve your goals.

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Instantly download Be a Goal Getter for only $27!



Tonia Kendrick

Hi, I’m Tonia!

Business and teaching (and teaching about business) are part of my DNA.

I spent 25+ years working in the corporate world. During that time, I worked in Human Resources, Training, Marketing, and culminated by leading a team of almost 100 front-line salespeople. I know how business works and what it takes to grow and manage a successful business.

Now, I teach online business owners how to create & execute strategies, organize & systematize their businesses, and level up their productivity.


Be a Goal Getter e-book: 91+ pages of actionable content
Foundational content: learn the basics on goal setting, staying focused, and more!
Take action: exercises,worksheets, planning tools, monthly calendar pages, etc.
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