Free Resources

Free Resources


Here you’ll find some of my most popular free educational and business resources. These freebies include email courses, workbooks, spreadsheets & templates all designed to help you grow + organize your solopreneur business.

Strategy & Planning

These resources will help you create your strategy & make your plans for your solopreneur biz!

Business Plan Blueprint

This free 7-day goal setting & planning email course will help you create a step-by-step blueprint for a solid strategic plan.

Learn more and sign up for Business Plan Blueprint

Business & Goal Planning Workbook

If you prefer an all-in-one resource over an email course, then Plan Your Success is for you!  This free printable workbook will help set you on the right path for the coming year!


Do you need to get more done in less time? These resources will help!

Boost Your Business

In this free 5-day email course, you’ll learn proven strategies to make your business more productive and profitable.

Learn more and sign up for Boost Your Business

Jumpstart Your Productivity

This free 5-day email course will help you take action and level up your productivity.

Learn more and sign up for Jumpstart Your Productivity​​​​

Time Management Hacks

You’ll get the right things done faster when you use the hacks in this free printable e-book.

Grab your copy of Time Management Hacks for Solopreneurs

Check out these posts for more freebies to help you improve your productivity:

Blogging Personality Quiz

Blogging Personality Quiz

Do you know your blogging personality? Discover your natural blogging style with 7 simple questions and get personalized tips to leverage your blogging personality.

Learn more and take the quiz

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Looking for free resources for your blog and online business? Download free tools for planning, productivity, blogging, and social media! Free e-course to create your strategic plan, free printable goal planner, social media strategy tips & more! #entrepreneurship #smallbusiness

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