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New templates & systems that help you stay organized.

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Do you feel like your business is all over the place?
Do you want to save hours of time & frustration?
Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with #allthethings?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Organized Business Toolbox can help you!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could feel like you were finally in control of your business?

Instead of your business being in control of you?

What you need are systems that make it easy to show up and run your business. . .instead of your business running you.

Be the most organized business owner you know.

I get it.

You just want to do what you love.
You don’t want to figure out all the back end stuff.
You know that being more organized and focused would help you grow your business.

But. . .

You have 60 million other things you need to do.
Am I right?

Well guess what?

You don’t have to figure things out on your own.

The Organized Business Toolbox is your one-stop shop that helps you stay organized so that you feel more in control of your business.


You are overwhelmed by everything you need to keep track of for your business.

You spend too much time trying to figure out what to do and when to do it.

You waste time trying to find what you need because the back end of your business is such a mess.

What if you could be SUPER organized and get all the important stuff done with ease?

With the Organized Business Toolbox, you’ll discover a renewed sense of excitement for your business because you will finally be in control.

And when you are in control, you can finally have the business you love.

Welcome to the Organized Business Toolbox!

Organized Business Toolbox - monitor mockup

New templates and systems every month that help you stay organized so that you feel more in control of your business.


New Tools

One new digital toolbox every month containing a selection of tools to help you get your business super-organized.

Curated Collections

Each month’s toolbox will be based on a theme and may include tools, systems, spreadsheets, planners, templates, standard operating procedures & other resources.

Future Themes

Themes may include content management, business planning, business finances & budgeting, client onboarding, project management, etc.

The Organized Business Toolbox is perfect for you if. . .

You get overwhelmed with #allthethings and know that being more organized would help.

You feel paralyzed by all the moving parts and can’t even get started.

Your business is a hot mess behind the scenes.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

I want to help you with that!

Organizing is my super-power.

I’ve spent years developing these systems and templates, based on my experience in the corporate world, working as a volunteer with non-profit organizations, and in my own business.

This program is designed to help take the overwhelm out of the back end of your business for GOOD!

Every month that you remain a member, you’ll automatically receive a new toolbox, focused on getting a single area of your business organized and running smoothly.

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Sign up for the month-to-month or quarterly membership.


Log into the membership hub and download the latest themed toolbox.


Organize a new area of your business or implement a new system every single month.


Work-Life Balance Toolkit mockup

When you join the Organized Business Toolbox TODAY, you’ll get immediate access to the Work-Life Balance Toolkit!

It doesn’t matter how organized your business is if your work and life are out of balance.

With the Work-Life Balance, you’ll identify what work-life balance means to you.

You’ll learn actionable ways to lead a healthy, balanced life that incorporates your business.

You’ll create plans to meet your business goals, while still having time left over for yourself.

You’ll establish habits that will help you manage your work and your life with ease.

The Work-Life Balance Toolkit includes. . .

Guide to Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs
Journal: Getting the Work-Life Balance You Crave
Daily Work-Life Ideas Checklist
Ways to Avoid Stress Worksheet
Actions to Take When Feeling Stressed Worksheet
Life-Balance Wheel Worksheet
High-Level Goals Worksheet
90-Day Plan Worksheets
Weekly Planning Sheet
Time Blocking templates (printable & spreadsheet)
Daily Planning Sheet
Creating Habits Flowchart
90-Day Habit Tracker
Monthly Emotion Tracker
Yearly Emotion Tracker
Project Planner
Projects-at-a-Glance spreadsheet
Plus! 10 printable affirmations to help you improve your work-life balance mindset
Work-Life Balance Toolkit mockup



2021 Be a Goal Getter Planner

Do you struggle with how to structure your days and weeks to be productive? Here are my best tips and tricks and processes so that you finally start getting things done. Be a Goal Getter is the perfect printable planner to help you make massive progress in your business!


Content Repurposing Template Pack

My Content Repurposing Template Pack makes it easier for you to repurpose your content to grow your audience and increase sales. This pack comes with 12 templates in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint format. You get 3 checklists, 3 worksheets, 3 ebooks, and 3 slide presentations. Each template includes prompts to help you convert your content into something new and fresh!


TRAINING: How to Be More Productive with Time Blocking

Time Blocking is my absolute favorite productivity hack. In this video, you’ll learn:
👉 What is time blocking?
👉 5 steps to create your own time blocked schedule
👉 7 tips to make time blocking more successful



Tonia Kendrick

Hi, I’m Tonia!

Business and teaching (and teaching about business) are part of my DNA.

I spent 25+ years working in the corporate world. During that time, I worked in Human Resources, Training, Marketing, and culminated by leading a team of almost 100 front-line salespeople. I know how business works and what it takes to grow and manage a successful business.

Now, I teach female solopreneurs how to create & execute strategies, organize & systematize their businesses, and level up their productivity.

Are you ready to jump in and start organizing your business?

Stop struggling! With the Organized Business Toolbox, you will finally feel organized and know that you have everything under control.

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