24 Best Ways to Improve Your Small Business Productivity

24 Best Ways to Improve Your Small Business Productivity

Are you a small business owner who needs to get more done in less time? Do you need to improve productivity so that you can concentrate on growing your business?

If you are anything like me, there are many people and dozens (if not hundreds!) of projects begging for your time and attention. Staying focused on the right things is a constant battle.

For me, organization is a key factor in being productive, so I’ve pulled together my best small business productivity posts on this page, all nice and tidy. Enjoy!

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You will be much more productive if you stay organized

Whether it’s your finances, your content, or your business processes, you will be much more productive if you stay organized. Knowing exactly where everything is keeps you from becoming overwhelmed and ensures that your small business runs smoothly.

Here are some tips on how to keep it all together:

  • 7 Tips for Super-Organized Small Business Finances – If you are an entrepreneur, then you know there is always something that needs to be done and it’s easy to put off finances for another day. And that’s how chaos happens. Stay on top of your small business finances with these seven simple tips.
  • How to Use a Spreadsheet for Your Content Ideas – Is content part of your marketing plan? The first step in writing awesome content is to make sure that you have a never-ending well of great ideas. I recommend keeping those ideas in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are simple, flexible, and you can get as crazy as you like with color-coding.
  • 5 Quick and Easy Tips to Organize Evernote – Evernote will be more useful if you take the time to organize your notes. Use these five Evernote organization tips to create a system that works for you.
  • How to Save Your Sanity with Systems and Processes – The key to running a successful solopreneur business without running yourself ragged is to have systems and processes in place for everything.
  • How to Organize Your Blog Images in 6 Easy Steps – Most bloggers today use a lot of images in their posts. But how do you keep all those images organized? Here are six easy steps to organize your blog images.

Plan your work and work your plan

“Plan your work and work your plan.”  There’s a reason that this is a popular saying. Planning works.

There's a reason that "plan your work and work your plan" is a popular saying.

Here are five of my favorite posts to help you plan in your small business.

  • How to Plan for a Super Successful Year – I asked 11 of my favorite ladyboss bloggers to share their best tips for maximizing planning. Check out all 11 in this round-up post. You’ll find tips that will help you set goals, create good habits, and set yourself up for business success.
  • The Power of the 90-Day Plan – 90 days is the perfect amount of time for a plan – short enough that you don’t lose focus, but long enough that you can make significant progress toward goals.
  • 7 Tips for Planning Your Day – Use these 7 tips to create a plan to keep your day (and life) from running away from you.
  • Boost Your Productivity with a Project Plan – If you spend time planning your projects before diving into action, you will have a better idea of what you want the project to accomplish. Click through to read about creating a project plan and to download your free Project Plan checklist!
  • A Quick and Easy Way to Brainstorm Blog Topics – Tired of staring at a blank screen? Use this quick and easy way to brainstorm blog topics and generate a long list of content ideas.

Gain control over your time

Are you busy or productive?  They are not necessarily the same thing. To be truly productive, you need to shift your focus from activities to results.

To be truly productive, you need to shift your focus from activities to results.

Here is some of my best advice on gaining control over your time.

  • 11 Top Biz Owners Share Their Best Time Management Hacks – Do you wonder how successful small business owners get everything done? I asked 11 top small business owners. Here’s what they had to say.
  • How to Stick to Your Top Priorities – Being productive is about doing the right things. Here are nine tips that will help you stick to your priorities.
  • Improve Your Productivity with the 2-Minute Rule – Do you procrastinate when it comes to the small items on your task list? Is your brain-space taken up with little things that need to be done? Are you drowning in email? Use the 2-minute rule to improve your productivity and get things done.
  • Do You Need to Go On a Content Diet? – Do you consume too much content? Reading, watching, and listening to content may be a form of procrastination, especially if you find yourself always learning but never doing. If content consumption is getting in the way of your goals, then you need to go on a content diet.
  • Avoid the Time Traps that Destroy Productivity – As a small business owner, time is one of your most valuable assets. Wasting time is drain on your profitability. To be successful, you need to avoid the time traps that destroy your productivity.
  • 7 Tips To Be Productive In Difficult Times – When times are tough, it’s easy to lose your motivation to work on your business. Here are 7 tips to help you be productive in difficult times.

Small business productivity tools

No discussion of productivity tips for small business owners would be complete without considering tools.

Here are a few posts about the tools I use every day to increase productivity.

  • Why I Fell in Love with Asana – Asana has all the features I consider “must-haves” in a project management and task management tool. It’s one of the three productivity apps that I can’t live without. Click through to see more and download the free Getting Started Guide – a step-by-step guide to setting up your first project in Asana.
  • 10 Quick Tips to Get More Out of Asana – Want to get even more out of Asana? Here are 10 Asana tips and tricks to help you get organized, stay productive, and keep your small business on track.
  • 11 Tips for Getting Started with Evernote – Evernote has been my go-to note-taking app for years. It’s another piece of productivity software that I find essential for staying organized.. If you haven’t tried it yet, I have 11 tips that will get you up and running in no time.
  • Resource Toolbox – Here’s a peek into my resource toolbox – the tools, links, and resources that I use and recommend to help you run your small business.

Advanced Productivity Resources

Are you ready to dive deeper into leveling up your small business productivity?  If you are a DIY learner, then these e-courses and e-books may be right up your alley.

  • Jumpstart Your Productivity – Do you want step-by-step advice on how take action and level up your productivity? Then check out my free 5-day course for solopreneurs and small business owners who need help getting things done.
  • Time Management for Solopreneurs – Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder how you managed to get so little done? You’re not alone. The tips in this free e-book will show you ways that you can get more done.
  • Biz Boost Workbook – Successful entrepreneurs know that the best way to have both a successful business and a lot of spare time is to make every minute of your workday count. That’s what the Biz Boost workbook is about.

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