Tonia Credit Explainer

What is Tonia Credit?

This is credit to spend with me on (almost) anything in the next six months! Think of it like a virtual gift card that you get for your business.

How it Works

  • It’s super-easy to use.  Just email me when you want to use it. I’ll either give you a coupon code to use or give you access to the product you want directly.  And I keep track of how much credit you have on the back end.
  • You can use the credit to buy something outright or use it toward a bigger item.
  • You can use it for anything I offer, except Organized Business Toolbox monthly membership.
  • Credit works the same as cash. That means you are welcome to use it during launches, flash sales, or other promotional periods.
  • Credit can be used for six months from the date you receive it.
  • Credit is non-refundable, non-transferrable, and doesn’t roll over.

Questions? Contact me.

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