Work-Life Balance Toolkit

Introducing the Work-Life Balance Toolkit!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you have going on?
Are you being pulled in so many directions that you don’t even know where to start?
Do you feel like your home life is suffering because of the demands of your business (or vice versa)?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Work-Life Balance Toolkit can help you!

Work-life balance is a significant challenge for entrepreneurs, especially those of us who work from home.

The temptation to work is always there.

We have to be intentional about seeking balance.

Are you going through a season where everything seems to be hitting you at once?

I’ve been there. (In fact, I’m going through one of those seasons as I write this.)

Maybe your business is going great and you have a lot of new opportunities.

Or maybe you’re just starting out and you feel like you need to do everything at once in order to grow.

But when you focus too much on your business, your home life suffers.

Or maybe you have unexpected challenges in your personal life that are taking away from the time you have available for your business.

Or your time for your business is super-limited to begin with.

Or (and this is when the sh*t really hits the fan). . . .

Your personal life and business life are both blowing up at the same time!

You need strategies and tools to help you work through these challenging times.

Enter the Work-Life Balance Toolkit!

The Work-Life Balance Toolkit is full of resources to help you create more balance between your work life and your personal life.

With the Work-Life Balance Toolkit, you’ll. . .

Identify what work-life balance means to you so that you create your version of a balanced life.

Create plans to meet your business goals, while still having time left for yourself.

Learn actionable ways to lead a balanced life that incorporates your business.

Establish habits that will help you manage your work and your life with ease.

Inside the Work-Life Balance Toolkit, you’ll find. . .

Guide to Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs (Valued at $17)
Journal: Getting the Work-Life Balance You Crave (Valued at $17)
3 Work-Life Balance Worksheets (Valued at $27)
2 Avoiding Stress Worksheets (Valued at $17)
4 Goal Setting & Planning Worksheets (Valued at $37)
Time Blocking Templates (Valued at $57)
3 Habit Development Worksheets (Valued at $27)
Monthly & Yearly Emotion Trackers (Valued at $17)
Project Planner & Tracker (Valued at $37)
Plus! 10 Printable Work-Life Balance Affirmations to help you improve your work-life balance mindset (Valued at $9)

Total Value = $262

Today’s Price = $37

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